Maximum cut off stock
Cutting at angle 90 ° mm 450
Bundle clamping capacity max. mm  450×230
Material support height mm 700
Sawband speed m/min 18-120
Sawband dimmensions mm 6200x41x1.3
Stock feeding:
single mm 650
repeatedly mm 9999.9
Shortest length of residual piece in automatic mode mm 90
Drive power:
Saw motor kW 5.5
Coolant pump kW 0.12
Hydraulic motor kW 0.75
Saw bow feeding kW 1.5
Overall dimensions:
length mm 3060
width mm 2000
height mm 2260
Net weight kg 3800



The model OL 450 AP nci is a high efficiency gantry type bandsaw cutting machine designed for straight cutting of solids, pipes and profiles of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for industrial usage and universal application.


Powerful, reliable and precisely working, the cutting machine OL 450 AP nci designed for achieving of maximum productivity even at carbide tipped cutting blades application, as well as one or many shift working mode. The machine works perfectly in cutting of materials requiring higher cutting forces.


The model OL 450 AP nci is controlled on base of an industrial programmable controller having opportunity for setting of 99 programs containing number of the bars being cut.


The cutting speed is assured by an asynchrony electric motor and it is frequency controlled at the range of 18 ÷ 120 m/min.


The machine OL 450 AP nci belongs to the category of fully-automatic machines equipped with a hydraulic system, allowing automation of many working operations (material clamping in the vice, saw blade tensioning), and a cutting force control. The machine is equipped with a system for automatic tracking both of the feeding speed and the cutting force. At the cutting feed extremely increasing the saw bow slows automatically to its full stop and smoothly increasing up to the set value after the cutting force is normalized.


The model OL 450 AP nci assures maximum productivity by a significantly increasing of the material usage and minimum remnant piece of 90 mm in automatic mode.


Saw bow feeding – electromechanically (by a ball-screw couple);
Saw bow lifting – electromechanically (by a ball-screw couple);;
Material feeding – electromechanically (by a ball-screw couple);;
Material clamping – hydraulically;
Saw blade tensioning – hydraulically;
Cutting length setting – manually;
Movable band guide adjustment – automatically;


Power, wear resistance and higher accuracy;
Maximum productivity;


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